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Jan-Erik: “I hope to be back by 1st of May”

I’m happy to share an update full of hope from our first jockey.

I underwent surgery on the 27th of January and had five screws removed from my leg.

Everything went well!

I’ve now started an easy rehab with physiotherapy, and from the 11th of February I’m back in full rehabilitation with an everyday focus on getting back to race riding and running fitness along with my physiotherapy.

As things look right now, I’ll be ready for a comeback by the 1st of May.

But things need to go my way.I now have several hundreds of training hours ahead of me, which means the next couple of months will be really tough – but I’m looking so much forward to be back in the saddle, I surely miss race riding as well as the daily routines.

It will be fantastic to rejoin our yard to work with all the horses and great people again – that’s something I’ve really missed.

First of all my plan is to get fit and ready to ride in races again.

Secondly, I hope to ride a Derby winner for my father and our yard in 2021.

Kind regards,

Jan-Erik Neuroth

Photo credit: Erik Steinhaug

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