Jan-Erik Neuroth. Foto: Stefan Olsson / Svensk Galopp.

An update about Jan-Erik

It has been five weeks since Jan-Erik broke his shoulder and ribs, suffered a punctured lung, a complicated break to his calf and a fractured ankle.

The accident happened during a daily excersize routine with Nouvelle Lune, who lost her balance and went through the rail to finally land on top of Jan-Erik in a ditch next to the sand track.

Jan-Erik didn’t get his boot out of his stirrup and the horse stayed on top of him.

Next week he is due to get new x-rays taken, and the result of these will tell whether he is bound to get back in the saddle this year.

There are many big races over the next few months, and our yard has several talented 2-year-olds who will make their respective first appearances within this period of time.

Also we have multiple candidates for the Norwegian Derby and other classics among our 3-year-old crop.

Due to Jan-Erik’s absence, we now will seek to retain a jockey for the rest of the season to ride out for our yard on a daily and ride our horses in races throughout Scandinavia.

Wido Neuroth

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